Reiki by Tracy B

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Tracy Buccafuri is a Reiki Master and licensed Cosmetology teacher. She specializes in precision women’s hair cuts and styling. Book appointments with Tracy here. Learn more about Reiki below.

Reiki represents love, appreciation and sharing the universal light and energy available to all of us.


Reiki is a powerful and completely natural system of holistic healing. The name 'Reiki' means 'Universal Life Force'. This healing energy works on all levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual and goes straight to the point of imbalance. This automatic flow of energy goes where it is most needed in order to re-create balance and harmony for your highest good.

The Reiki method balances the energies in your body: it can relax and reduce stress, relieve pain and speed the healing of injuries, expand you spiritually, strengthening intuition and helping meditative state. The receiver can often feel this energy being channelled, during the treatment, but each will feel it differently. Your experience will be unique, nevertheless, the outcome for all will definitely be a sense of well-being. Everyone can experience the benefits of Reiki

To Book a Reiki Appointment with Tracy - Call the Studio at 215-377-9500